Sunday, 12 January 2014

OTAN - El Indominable - 7" - 2006

OTAN hailed from Barcelona and who over the years have become regulars and good friends in my life. This ep hit me like a brick when I first played it and it hasn't lost any of it's impact. A record you play to those mates who have been scarred over the years by pretend-radical bands spouting what proved to ultimately be insincere slogans. Whether you happen to speak Spanish and are able to follow the lyrics word for word or not won't matter. The rabid passion and utter sincerity will be apparent to all from the second the needle meets the vinyl and it's obvious this is music played by punks who put their absolute whole into every single track. Punks who don't feel the need to hide themselves behind elaborate caveats, increasingly non-sensical methaphors or purposely vague lyrical "poetry", but who instead continue to proudly proclaim their total belief in their anarchist politics and the rightness of their cause through the sharp short shocks medium of punk and everything else they do. As far as I know, Otan is sadly no more, but their impact is continued to be felt in their home town and on increasingly far away shores.
¡Viva la revolución social! !Viva la anarquía!